About us

How Siam International football competition started:  Ricky Muir founder of the Company plays for England Seniors over 50s.  After a competition in Thailand where Ricky is a resident team U.S.A asked him to be a guest player in Hawaii for the USA over 50s, While there the question was asked can competitions in Thailand, which could lead to a Senior Amateur World Cup that would incorporate countries for each continent and would rotate to be played all over the world be possible ? . So, after two years of planning and haggling for best prices for hotels and fields to play on Siam International football comps was born.


I thought about what I looked for when attending Senior Competition such as Hotels, Pitches, Transport, Food, and what structure they had while not playing all for the best possible price. It set me on a challenge to get the best facilities for my competitions and a great price.

All our Competitions in Thailand are priced from $5000 - $7000 USD per team of 20 players. Currently in Asia competitions are $7000 USD for 18/19 players , with no additional structure in place while not playing, we try to provide an inexpensive alternative that can't be matched on price or structure and after the Korat Cup May of this year 2019, I can safely say that we achieved this with feedback from the country’s that attended.   

Siam Int Comp is to bring senior players together from all over the world.  We look to host a Senior Amateur World Cup in a different location each year therefore giving the different Nation the opportunity to promote the sport and the competition within their country.  Also giving the teams an opportunity to see the different cultures of the world

Our target is to give the both men and woman amateur’s an opportunity to play on the big stage.

To enhance the comradery between players, give everyone the opportunity to meet new friends.

Our Competition is aimed both Woman and Men  Amateur Footballers and their Families


That each participant should go home with a great experience – having formed friendships across countries and continents – a feeling of a professionally run tournament with good playing fields - Fair Play as top of mind – a feeling of general safety – and a high level of service and wonderful hosts who are open to improvements.

Age Group

Open – Men’s Open – Women’s Over 30 – Men’s. Over 30 – Women’s. Over 40 – Men’s. Over 40 – Women’s. Over 45 – Men’s. Over 45 – Women’s. Over 50 – Men’s. Over 50 – Women’s. Over 55 – Men’s. Over 55 – Women’s. Over 60 – Men’s. Over 60 – Women’s. Over 65 – Men’s. Over 65 – Women’s. Over 70 – Men’s. Over 70 – Women’s. Over 75 – Men’s.

Basic Rules


  • FIFA rules will apply
  • Registration of 20 Squad players
  • 40 mins per half
  • 80 mins per game
  • Rolling substitution


Down Time (Between Games)

We found there was not a lot of opportunity to see the various location we played in, therefore our competition embraces the local culture by offering all teams and families nights out together at local restaurants, day trips which offer the opportunity to use the local facilities and see local attractions.  All this done together ensure closer friendships and a great competition spirit.