Team Responsibilities 
. A...In the event a team does not fulfill its obligations, by participating in the (S.I.F.C) – Competition as scheduled, submitting forms, rosters and any other paperwork on time, registering, checking team in at prescribed date & time or to follow any other competition guidelines   (S.I.F.C)reserve the right to administer the following sanctions: (1) Individual, team or teams may not be allowed to participate in future (S.I.F.C.) Competitions. (2) Individual, team or teams may be barred from participating in any(S.I.F.C)  affiliated competition including league & cup play. B.. Uniforms – Where the uniforms of two (2) competing teams are so similar as to create possible player identification problems on the field of play, as determined by the referee, the home team shall change their uniform, unless the away team is wearing colors other than those submitted on the official (S.I.F.C) Home team is listed first on the game schedule. C.. Clear visible numerals must be worn on the back of the player’s jersey. Each player on a team must wear a different number including the goalkeeper. 10. Forfeits a. A team using an ineligible player shall forfeit the game to the opposing team and shall be expelled from the competition. The team & the player could be sanctioned further by being denied access to the next (S.I.F.C) competition at the discretion of(S.I.F.C)  or the competition commissioner. b. A team shall also forfeit a game to the opposing team for just causes as determined by the competition commissioner. Teams forfeiting the game due to just causes shall be sanctioned by being denied access to future (S.I.F.C) competions.  A team that causes a game to be forfeited or abandoned shall not advance in the competition beyond the group stage. This might be overturned by the competition commissioner. d. If a player is included on team roster for more than one (1) division and one of the teams with which that player is rostered causes a game to be abandoned in the competition, such player shall not be allowed to participate further on the second team for which they are rostered. e. Teams that choose to not complete any assigned game in the competition, including the championship game (Final), shall not advance or will not be awarded the title or finishing place in the competition. A completed game consists of two (2) equal &    fully completed periods as assigned to that specific game. The competition commissioner assigns duration of games. f. Teams are responsible for finishing all games. Teams that cannot finish a game due to lack of eligible players on their roster or not enough players available for that competition game whether due to disciplinary action or any other absence will be considered as causing the abandonment, termination or forfeiture of a game. In such a case all sanctions apply as outlined above.

  A sponsor’s name(s) may be incorporated in the title  of  ( S.I..F.C) competitions at the discretion of the  National Board of Directors of  (S.I.F.C) .After agreement of what teams are wanted.Siam will Donate a charitable donation to all cities we visit for schools ,orphanages , hospitals and good causes.
Trophies presented to division winners shall be the property of the declared winning team.  
  Entries & Entry Deadlines
..A...( S.I.F.C) shall establish the closing date by which a definite entry of a team must be received. B... The National Board of Directors of .( S.I.F.C) shall approve the entry fee for each competition. C... Only credit Bank transfer  and money orders shall be accepted as payment for entry fees. No refunds are provided after a team has registered. 

 Player & Manager Discipline 
.A.. Players or managers who are sent off for two (2) subsequent cautions shall be suspended for a minimum of one (1) following competition game. B.. Players or managers sent off for any other reason shall be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game and any additional competition games or the entire tournament at the discretion of the competition commissioner. C. A player or manager that is suspended will serve their suspension in the following game in the competition. . D.. Players or manager sent off a game are required to leave the premises immediately. Failure to do so may result in a game forfeit for the team.

 Playing Rules 
All games are 40 minutes each half with a 2 minute water break in each half.
All games in a competition will follow the FIFA Laws of the Game in effect at the time of the competition. b. Length of the field shall not be more than 120 yards, nor less than 100 yards and the width of the field shall not be more than 80 yards, nor less than 65 yards. c. Women’s Over 65/70 & Men’s Over 70/75 divisions will be played on adapted fields. Not more than 80 yards in length and the width of the field not more than 60 yards. Playing time will be two halves of 40 minutes. d. Goal nets shall be used. e. Fields shall be properly marked. A flag on a post not less than five (5) feet high & having a non –pointed top, shall be placed at each corner. f. Substitutions shall be unlimited. g. Team roster is limited to twenty---five (25) players for all 11v11 and  if requested  9v9 divisions. 7v7 divisions have a roster limit of fifteen (15) players, all of whom are eligible to suit---up for each match. Only players on the roster and 2 additional people (manager/trainer) are allowed on the team bench during games. h. During a tournament game an official (S.I.F.C) approved roster will be reviewed and approved by the referee. All players participating during the game will need to be present upon request at the start or during the game for this review. Referee or tournament commissioner may ask for a government approved ID to confirm player eligibility. i. In the event of the score being tied at the end of regulation periods, in a group round match the tie score will stand. In the event a semifinal or final round match is tied at the end of regulation time  the winner will be determined according to the FIFA method of obtaining a result in knock---out competition in effect at the time of the competition. In the event of a playoff game being tied at the end of the regulation timess, a ten (10) minute extra time , which is divided into two (2) periods of five (5) minutes, shall be played. Tied playoff games after overtime will be decided by penalty kicks. j. Competition shall be based on a ten (3) point system. In each group game, a team shall be awarded six (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, one (0) point for a draw, 
  Tie Breaks – the following sequence shall be used to break ties in the standings. For a three or more way tie; after the first tie is broken the tiebreaker shall start at the beginning to break the next tie. (1) Head to head (2) Goals against (3) Goals for (4) Fair Play (5) Toss of a coin.

Team & Player Eligibility 
A... Eligibility to participate in an Adult S.I.F.C Competition: Any team is eligible to enter the competition so long as all team entry and player registration fees have been paid. B.. Teams entered into a competition must submit a roster ten (20) days prior to the start of the competition. C.. Final rosters will be approved by (S.I.F.C) and signed by an officer of the team at the team check in, no later than 12 hours prior to the first (1st) game in the tournament. D.. To be eligible to play in are senior (S.I.F.C.)  – Competition all players must meet the eligibility criteria relating to age and registration status. E... Players must achieve the required age for participation in the competition any time during the calendar year the competition occurs. . Players must submit proof of age to (S.I.F.C) during the registration process or check in period. A proof of age might also be asked during check---in of each game. G.. A player shall not play for more than one (1) team in the same age division. A player is not allowed to play more than on 2 separate teams across all eligible age divisions. . A player may be registered to play in a team in a different age division provided they meet the age requirement criteria for that age division.